This is Mantas' home on the web

I'm a PHP developer and hobbyist photographer. Sometimes, apart from programming and photo retouching, I play video games. Constantly watch movies and TV shows. Here you'll find a bit of everything 😉


Home isn't fully set up yet and is under construction, so you'll find lots of empty space 🙂 Will fill in more... Hopefully in time you'll find here all that interests me

[ Photography ]

I'm interested in photography for a while now - since phone attachable 0,3MP cameras 😄 Got my first mirrorless - Sony NEX-5R - around 2010, and it served me well nearly a decade, but I wanted more. I've had a Sony A7 III for a couple of years, but then moved to Sony A7 IV, which I'm currently using. Usually I shoot landscapes, but sometimes take a walk around the city. Also enjoy retouching selected photos - cleanup, simple color grading or sometimes even do manipulations. Some of my work you'll find in this section 😉

< Code />

I've been a professional PHP developer for 15 years, but here isn't the office, it's a home, so this section will be about after job coding 🙂 Scripts I wrote to ease my life on some websites. Plugins I created for Photoshop, because I need to make photos post-processing simpler.


I'm not a super amazing nice guy, but I really try to be better 😅 Anyway - I'm on a few social networks if you want to follow me or even drop a message 😉